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    1. Which of the following sentences best describes the War of 1812?
  • Napoleon’s fleet was defeated by the Royal Navy in the war
  • The USA became independent from the British Empire after the war
  • The USA invaded Canada and was defeated, which ensured that Canada would remain independent of the United States
  • Canada joined the United States after the war
  • 2. Where are the Parliament Buildings located?
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec City
  • Hull
  • Toronto
  • 3. What country is Canada’s largest trading partner?
  • Mexico
  • United States of America
  • China
  • Japan
  • 4. Which region of Canada is known for both its fertile agricultural land and valuable energy resources?
  • British Columbia
  • Prairie provinces
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • 5. Who is Canada’s Head of State?
  • Governor General of Canada
  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • Prime Minister
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • 6. In the 1960s, Quebec experienced an era of rapid change. What is this called?
  • The West Movement
  • The Revolution
  • The Quiet Revolution
  • La Francophonie
  • 7. What will you promise when you take the Oath of Citizenship?
  • Pledge allegiance to the Queen, observe the laws of Canada and fulfil the duties of a Canadian
  • Pledge to be faithful to the Queen
  • Promise to observe the laws of Canada
  • Fulfil duties as a Canadian citizen
  • 8. Which country borders Canada on the south?
  • United States of America
  • Central America
  • Mexico
  • Washington
  • 9. What are the three main groups of Aboriginal peoples?
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit
  • Acadians, Métis and Inuit
  • United Empire Loyalists, Métis and Inuit
  • Inuit, Métis and Acadians
  • 10. What did the Canadian Pacific Railway symbolize?
  • Easy access to the West Coast
  • What can be achieved by working together
  • Unity
  • Ribbons of steel
  • 11. What is the largest religious affiliation in Canada?
  • Roman Catholic
  • Muslim
  • Jewish
  • Hindu
  • 12. What is a voter information card?
  • Tells you who the candidates are in your electoral district
  • Tells you what province to vote in
  • A form that tells you when and where to vote
  • A form that lets you know your voting time
  • 13. What is the name of the Governor General?
  • David Johnston
  • Elizabeth May
  • Dalton McGuinty
  • Michaëlle Jean
  • 14. What should you do if you do not receive a voter information card telling you when and where to vote?
  • Go to the police station
  • Call your Member of Parliament
  • Assume you cannot vote
  • Call Elections Canada or visit their website
  • 15. What are the two official languages of Canada?
  • English and Irish
  • English and Italian
  • English and French
  • English and Irish
  • 16. List four rights Canadian citizens have.
  • Right to have a job, vote, drive, go to school
  • Right to go to school, work, have a bank account, travel
  • Right to travel, live anywhere, work anywhere, get married
  • Right to challenge unlawful detention, vote, apply for a Canadian passport, enter and leave Canada freely
  • 17. Who is General Sir Arthur Currie?
  • A military leader of the Métis in the 19th century
  • A great frontier hero
  • An explorer of western Canada
  • Canada’s greatest soldier in the First World War
  • 18. Who was Sir Sam Steele?
  • A great frontier hero, Mounted Policeman and soldier of the Queen
  • A military leader of the Métis in the 19th century
  • The first Prime Minister of Canada
  • The Father of Manitoba
  • 19. Who had played an important part in building the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)?
  • American railroad engineers
  • Acadian railroad workers
  • Chinese railroad workers
  • Afro-American slaves
  • 20. Who are the Quebecers?
  • European settlers in the 1600s
  • Descendants of the French colonists
  • Descendants of the Anglophones
  • People of Quebec
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